Presenter Guidelines

Scheduled to give a talk at an upcoming Code People meeting? Great! We're excited to learn from you.

We strongly prefer presentations that are available via a public URL, like Google Slides.
If you must present using your own laptop, here is a list of things to check to make sure your talk goes as smooth as possible!

  1. Install WebEx
    • You can get the browser plugin here
    • Or you can join the Code People webex, which will be listed on the meeting on our site. Your browser should prompt you to install the plugin.
  2. Turn off your desktop notifications
  3. Make sure your laptop can connect to our displays.
    The following connections are available for you to use. If your laptop uses USB-C or some other connection, make sure you bring the appropriate adapter.
    • VGA
    • HDMI
    • Thunderbolt
  4. Make sure your laptop is charged.
  5. If possible, connect to the network via ethernet.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are very short, informal presentations about a specific topic. These are usually given after the other talks at each Code People meeting.