CLA Promotion and Tenure Dossier Builder tool, Creating a safe code review space, Linux Performance Metrics

August 1, 2019 at 9:30

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Talk Descriptions:

Demo CLA Promotion and Tenure Dossier Builder tool

Elleni B Fellows (Software Development Coordinator | LATIS)

The project goal was to increase efficiency and accuracy in the UMN-required promotion and tenure dossier submission process through automation via workflow tools by providing easy access to the standards, best practices, and expectations at the appropriate time in the process. The output of this process is required to be in PDF format which is submitted to OVPR and the UMN Regents.

The resulting tool was a FileMaker solution build to manage the administrative tasks around gathering and organizing documents that are part of the faculty Promotion and Tenure Dossier creation process. The tool uses FileMaker desktop application and PDFtk to assemble documents, create a table of contents, pagination and pdf bookmarks.

Creating a safe code review space

Tony Thomas (Developer | ASR-IT)

Even in a very high-functioning team with few personal conflicts, code reviews can be a pitfall for unintentionally introducing conflict. Conflict can make people on your team feel less safe and valued. If you want to build a diverse team. This could present a barrier.

This presentation will focus on constructive criticism and healthy communication so team members can learn and benefit from code reviews and feel safe receiving feedback.

Linux Performance Metrics

Willy B Lee (Sys/Database Design | RSRCH Soc Rsrch)

How to know how a machine is doing based on things like atop, sar, iostat, vmstat, etc.