Building a Canvas LTI, Docker for Development, How It Works: the Testing Request Form

June 6, 2019 at 9:30

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This meeting will be in person in Bruininks 131B and online on Zoom


As always, join us after the meeting for lunch!

Talk Descriptions:

Getting Started With Building an LTI

Colin McFadden (Technology Architect | LATIS)

This talk will explore the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) technology, which allows for third party apps to extend a learning management platform like Canvas. LTI can be incredibly overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be - you can build simple LTI integration into your app without needing to become an LTI expert.

Using Docker for Development and Deployment of Off the Shelf Software

Travis Sobeck (Core Infrastructure Admin | OIT)

Docker is great for playing with a new language or product, testing and deploying software someone else produced, and of course developing your own software. I will share some tips, tricks, and code to help you get started and discuss what can and can not be put in a container.

How It Works: The Anatomy of the Testing Request Form

Tonu Mikk (Adaptive Technologist | Disability Resource Center)

This talk will describe the custom built web form that students use to request exams to be taken at the Disability Resource Center. We overview the features of the form and how these features are supported by various technologies - Shibboleth, Apache with reverse proxy configuration, 4D, Foundation CSS, Data Warehouse, Active4D, and Javascript.