OSSing your Codez and Conflict of Interest

October 3, 2013 at 9:30

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Location: Carlson 1-136

As you probably didn’t guess by my Latin greeting, the focus of our meeting this coming week (10/03/13 @ 9:30am in Carlson 1-136) will be on legal and ethical issues related to our work as UMN software developers and will be jam packed with information and conversation starters.

We are highly pleased that Jon Guden, Associate Director of the University of Minnesota Conflict of Interest Program will be joining us to discuss (you guessed it) conflicts of interest as it relates to our work here at the university. Jon brings a broad background in legal affairs and advising from his distinguished career Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

Also joining us will be Chris Ghere of the Office for Technology Commercialization. Chris is one of those rare breeds, a software developer with an M.B.A. He will join us for a focused discussion on open sourcing software at the University of Minnesota.

As always, we will head out to lunch following the meeting to continue the conversation over a meal. If you can’t make the meeting, head over to Carlson and meet us as we head-out for lunch.